Gangsta Lovin

Ever wonder why the good girls go for hoods and the good guys go for hoodrats? For those of us playing with a full deck, it’s kind of hard to understand why this happens. It’s not that the good girls enjoy getting abused (mentally, physically, and verbally), seeing our men go to jail, or out on the corner doing God knows what. And I’m sure it’s the same for the fellas. I’m quite positive gentlemen don’t like getting cussed out, their car keyed, or beat up by her ex-man Pookie. So then what is it?

Well, from a woman’s point of view, one possibility is an adrenaline rush. For example, have you ever gotten excited over your man putting someone in their place for disrespecting you? Or how about your man doing something outside of the norm to impress you? Sometimes different is good. You gush with excitement because it’s something you’ve never experienced or may not have expected. I mean, who would want to go to a boring dinner and a movie with a lawyer with no life outside of work, versus a club with a head-to-toe tatted Pookie who likes to be “Feeling on Your Boo-hoo-tie” (as R Kelly sang it) in public while he downs a pint of Hennessey with a splash of Coke?

For the guys, it could also be an adrenaline rush. But another idea is that fact that they’re either tired of the good girls being so good all the time, or they’re not meeting the right good girl and settle for a bad girl. A lot of times, the good guys come back over to the good side, but unfortunately, it’s usually after they’ve been screwed over. And then guess what…the good guy’s ruined for a while until he can find a right good girl who can save him. The one who lets him know that he’s worth saving.

So the real question is- Is it worth stepping over to the dark side? That’s a question that only you can answer. Weigh out the pros and cons. See what is so good about this bad guy/good girl or bad girl/good guy scenario, and what exactly makes them so bad? Naturally, if they bring more drama into your life than you want or they endanger yours or your family’s life, then they’ve gotta go. Flat out. There’s a reason for everything. If you feel that knot in your stomach or hear that little voice in your head screaming “No!”, you might want to stay within your pedigree. Relationships are hard enough without the stress of potential stalkers, anger management needing gangstas, and disrespectful hoods. Do what’s right for you. Do what matters based on what your heart says, not your mind or other parts of your anatomy.

So what did you learn today… bad boys and bad girls…may be just that.


2 thoughts on “Gangsta Lovin

  1. Great blog! I think that, at least this generation of young men and women, are watching to many rap videos, i’m not down on rap music or anything like that, but when we begin to pull our values from them…. its a problem. the women want the status, and the clout that comes with being with a so called gangsta, and the men get off on the power of knowing that that’s what these women want and respect….. “imjustsayin”.

  2. True. And then our young boys grow up thinking that it’s cute to objectify women and to take it if you can’t make it. Our young girls think it’s cute to be taken advantage of. If things continue the way they are, our future children are screwed.

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