Beauty vs. Social Butterfly: Which Would You Choose?

For starters, who in their right mind would actively look for someone who is visibly unattractive? On the other hand, who would try to score with someone who has a nasty attitude? What if I told you that you had to choose one or the other?

Nowadays, it’s tough finding a person that has it all- stability (check out my trilogy blogs on this topic;)), respect (self-respect and respect for others), a person who has all their teeth, knows Jesus, etc. A glowing personality and stunning looks should already be a shoe-in, right? Wrong! Finding a person like this is the equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. It’s almost like you have to compromise; which qualities do you have to have and what can slide? But think about it. What would mean more to you- someone who is great looking but has a jacked up attitude, or someone who is not attractive but has a winning personality?

Let’s look at Seal and Heidi Klum for a minute. Who would’ve thought that Seal would’ve landed a supermodel as his wife? Pre or post accident, Seal is unattractive (don’t make that face, I’m just being honest), and I have to wonder if he’s got a great personality to make up for it, which in turn would make him very attractive. Same with Jay Z and Beyonce. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Do I even need to get descriptive here? My point is, all three women apparently chose attitude and swag over facial attractiveness.

I truly believe that women in general are more apt to lean towards character vs. looks. Not to say that we ladies don’t drool over Denzel (for the older readers), Elba, Shemar, Larenz, LL, or Iverson. But if you’re ugly and got an attitude, you don’t stand a chance. On the other hand, if you have a nice smile and a personality to match, you’ll definitely get some play (I’m not gonna bet on every woman, but I’ll just say many). Cause there’s nothing like a man that can make you laugh, do things ‘just because’, or be reliable. And if that man is everything you wished for, but is not easy on the eyes, you may have to compromise (but it really depends on the rate of ugliness too).

On the flip side, I posed the same question to a couple of my male friends and they were totally unwilling to compromise. Wait, scratch that. If they don’t have to go out in public with them and can only sleep with them and that’s it, then an ugly chick can get some play too. Which leads me to believe that men are more vain than women…but that’s a whole ‘nother topic. But seriously, if you were single and had to choose between personality and looks, which would you choose and why? Hit me up.

So, what did you learn today… it’s all about what makes you happy. Can you deal with waking up to an ugly person in bed every morning even though (s)he is a sweetheart every waking moment? Or would you rather deal with a beauty queen/king that makes you hate them every waking moment?


One thought on “Beauty vs. Social Butterfly: Which Would You Choose?

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