Many Blessings

When you think of family, most people would think of their nuclear family (mom, dad, brother, sister) or even their extended family (grandmother/father, aunts, uncles, cousins). Some would even take it a step further and mention their co-workers, neighbors, or close friends. However you choose to define it, be grateful that you have someone to include. Me, myself, I am blessed to have such wonderful and loving family and friends who are there for me and love me unconditionally. But my question is this, unless it is a holiday or a special event (ex. birthday party, family reunion, etc), why do many people wait until then to rejoice, visit, or celebrate life and togetherness?

In a previous article I talked about ‘Just because’ gifts or gestures (I won’t tell you which article because I want you to read them all), but gatherings should be included. I watched the movie Soul Food again about a week or two ago and grew a little envious. Of course I’m not talking about all the drama with the bickering, going to jail, Big Mama dying, and so on. I’m talking about the way the family met up every Sunday, cooked dinner together, and sat down together to eat and communicate. They didn’t wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to see each other, they took the time every week to show their family that they cared.

Now granted there are some family members that you wish weren’t family, but overall it’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by those who genuinely care about your well-being. For those of you who are blessed with many friends (acquaintances don’t count), loving parents, caring siblings, and valuable relatives, I challenge you to gather all of the people that you love and are cherished with to get together on a day besides a holiday. What’s the occasion—to celebrate life, peace, and many blessings.

So what did you learn today…appreciate the people in your life that you are blessed to know and love. Show them how you feel any and every day of the week, not just holidays.


One thought on “Many Blessings

  1. Another great blog, this is so true, sharing love with friends and family should not be reserved for holidays, birthdays and bbq’s.

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