Please Stay Home

After spending some time at the mall last week, I am very disappointed to have spotted many fashion no-no’s.  Now granted, I am not saying that I am better than or have never sported a no-no, but I would definitely say that I don’t do any of these. So if you wear any of the listed no-no’s, please stay home.

+ Pajamas: Ladies and gentlemen {sigh}, PJs are meant for the bedroom and are not appropriate for the mall, the grocery store, the bank, or anywhere outside of the house.

+ Sagging: I don’t care if your jeans are baggy, but if I can see any part of your draws, we have a problem. Last week, my boyfriend and I were walking behind these three teenagers; one, his pants were acceptable (baggy, not saggy), but the other two… let’s just say that half of both cheeks for each were highly visible. So in this case, get a belt or stay your behind home!

+ Male Skinny Jeans: Men, please listen very closely. Okay, you ready? SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT FOR YOU! THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND AND THEY ARE NOT SEXY ON YOU! I don’t think you should stay home, but you should definitely not leave the store with them in your hand. Fair enough?

+ Princess Outfit: Parents who truly love their daughters think of them as princesses (at least when they are little). However, that does not give you the right to have them dress as such in public places (unless they are performing somewhere), especially when you pair the tutu with cowboy boots. Both you and the child should stay home until you choose a more appropriate outfit. This is not as cute as you may think.

+ Shorts: There’s nothing wrong with shorts… except when it’s below sixty degrees. Let there be a day that is thirty degrees and the next day be thirty-two, I guarantee that you will see at least one idiot that’s sporting shorts and a sweatshirt. Stay home and think about making a better choice.

So what did you learn today… just because it’s in style, doesn’t mean you have to participate.


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