How to Avoid Sleeping on the Couch Valentine’s Day Night

Obviously, this post is particularly for the fellas. Let me let you in on a little secret. Valentine’s Day to a single woman is like a mother with a crying child on a plane; she avoids it and pretends that that it doesn’t exist. On the other hand, to a woman who is not single (dating, in a relationship, or married), it means just as much as a birthday. This is the day to show how romantic you are, show how much you care, and how much she means to you. So if you put little thought into what you “reward” her with on V Day, don’t expect a warm embrace from her. Just saying- don’t shoot the messenger.

So, what are some good things to do or give on this special day you ask? Well, I can give you a couple ideas. Please keep in mind that they are not in any type of order.

  Jewelry (you shouldn’t be surprised about this making the list). Any type will do as long as it doesn’t look cheap, used, or, of course, ugly.

  A nice hot oil massage for her back and feet.

  A home cooked candlelight meal (that you made, please don’t let her cook her own meal). And don’t forget the dessert:)

  An original poem or song that you made and framed.

  Candy- this does not mean stop at the nearest gas station and pick up a Snickers bar. But something with some thought behind it. Something upscale. Or even her favorite.

  An outfit you want her to wear for Valentine’s Day. It could be a hot lil number for dinner or after dinner.

  Take a trip.

  Personalize This- you could engrave anything from a watch, to a photo album, to a jewelry box. And they are not as expensive as you think.

  A gift basket- there are tons out there that include cookies, candy, brownies, fruit, or a combination.

  And when all else fails, some nice smell goods from Bath and Body Works.

If you noticed, cards and flowers did not make the cut, because they are simply unacceptable when given, especially alone. What “successful” gifts have you given that you can add to the list?


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