Bad Date?

  Have you ever been on a bad date? What exactly constitutes a bad date? Have you ever been one?

Dating in general is very complicated. First of all, you have to decipher whether you have crossed over to the ‘date’ territory from the ‘friend’ one. Secondly, you have to figure out what is an actual date- coffee or dinner. Et cetera. Et cetera. Boring, but necessary stuff. But what happens when you encounter bad behavior during your date? Here are a few examples of a person ‘actin up’ on a date.

1. Cell phone use- This could be anywhere from surfing the net, to checking email, to answering a call. Unless it’s an emergency (for example, you have someone babysitting your children and your babysitter never had to call you before), keep your phone in your pocket or purse. Nothing says you’re not interested more than your mate staring down at a screen instead of you.

2. The awkward first date pay- What would make this better is if this is discussed before you actually go out or if the man is an old school gentleman (i.e. “I got it. Put your wallet away before you insult me.”). What makes this worse is the man not offering to pay, his share at least. It becomes an eye opener when the check is put in front of him and he doesn’t even acknowledge it. If you want to go dutch for the first date- fine. If you want to be an old school gentleman and pay for us- even better. But don’t pretend like you’re a statue once the bill is dropped and a mute when the topic is brought up.

3. The superstar- I’m sure everyone has met someone who has nothing else to do but to insert their name and situation into every story you tell. You could say that you journeyed to Africa for your twenty-first birthday, and they would steady tell you how Africa is where they were originally born and how they ventured over to the States. These people do not have it in them to care for someone other than themselves.

4. Lack of home training- This ranges from elbows on the table, to feet in the chair, to burping, to smacking, to…shall I continue? Poor table manners makes you feel like you’re eating at the zoo. Get it together!

5. The octopus- The touchy-feely date can make a person feel like they need a shower ASAP. On a first date, you better keep your hands to yourself. Too much too soon can be a turn off to someone looking for long term. So unless your ‘long term’ ends when the date ends, keep it PG until you are ready as a couple to advance to bigger and better things.

This concludes the first session of Bad Date, but stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Bad Date?

  1. I’m sure everyone has had one or two and it’s to be expected. Not everyone is compatible or communicates the same. What I find humorous, someone else may not and humor many times is our ice breaker.

    That said and touching on the topics listed. Cell Phone use should be at a minimum. Not every aspect of the date should be text or tweeted to friends. Interaction with your date is primary and it is just flat out rude to constantly be on your phone.

    As for the “Awkward First date pay,” the man should pay. Even if the woman asked the man out he should pay. Their may be some concessions, but in my house I was raised to never let a woman reach in her purse for me. Till this day I struggle with my wife getting me things, unless it is coming out of the joint account.

    The “Superstar” so long as they are not referring to them self in third person I’m cool. I’ll break em of that talking about them self non stop, or that bad date will be the last with that person. Or maybe they’ll just quickly turn into a one or two night stand.

    “Lack of Home Training” Women tend to be extremely anal about chewing with your mouth open and opening doors, and those are pretty self explanatory. Elbows on the table is just being too dang ol picky. Your doing too much if your keeping score on manners and not trying to enjoy the experience of courting someone new.

    “Octopus” LMBO, so I totally get this and it can be creepy. However I did go down on a woman 15mins after meeting her and we have been great long term friends since LOL, don’t judge Klove!!

    • I agree with you, CP, about the “Awkward First Pay”, but I didn’t want to sound sexist. I think the man should pay, but that first scene sets the tone for the next date (if there is one). So if he acts like he doesn’t have money or allows the woman to do ‘the reach’, then this might be an automatic turn off for women, especially if it wasn’t discussed beforehand.

      As far as the “Superstar”, I can’t stand people who talk about themselves in third person. They should not be allowed to talk to regular people; they should stick to their own kind!

      And last but not least, no judgement on the “Octopus” comment. Lol

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