The next installment of the Bad Date series discusses bad movie dates.

1. Answering your phone. I can’t even say ‘during the movie’ because I don’t think you should answer it once you hit the theater (but that’s just me). It’s even worse when you call yourself whispering when people two rows behind you can hear every word you just said. Silence the damn phone for two hours, please. I’m sure you’ll survive.

2. Bringing your children, especially to rated R movies. I don’t know whether some parents can’t find a babysitter or just don’t care. There nothing that makes me suck my teeth and shake my head more than seeing five-year-olds at a Kevin Hart stand up or a movie you know there’s gonna be some nudity. These will be the same kids that take what they heard to school or act out what they saw. Parents, please choose wisely when it comes to what you let your children watch.

3. Staring at your date (in the dark). Creepy, huh? Very. I don’t like being stared at in general, but I think it’s even worse when you’re being stared at in a pitch black theater. WTF is that about? If you do this- STOP IT NOW! That is weird and so unattractive.

4. Killing the scene. Have you ever been to a movie with a person and they have to tell you what’s about to happen? It doesn’t matter whether they’ve seen it or not, they have to voice their opinion during all of the big parts. STOP IT. Stuff some popcorn in your mouth and chew slowly. No one wants to go out with a movie spoiler.

5. Hogging both armrests. Really? You can’t sacrifice one? Only you get to be comfortable? Hmm.


Stay tuned for the last segment in Bad Date.


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