And Another Thing…

  Well folks, this is the third and last chapter of the Bad Date series. Here I will just address a couple of tidbits that some of you will be able to relate to, and hopefully some you will never be a victim to.

– Your date cusses you out. Ladies…if you are getting disrespected during the dating stage, what makes you think that it will get any better afterwards? Don’t make excuses. Don’t say, “Well next time…” because there should not even be a next time. Keep it moving.

– Your date is drunk. Whether they show up drunk or get drunk on the date, that’s showing poor taste. I would have a lot more tolerance for a person that is tipsy after a strong drink at dinner, but none for an alcoholic who got the party started without me.

– Your date is late without calling. There is simply no excuse. Even if you are five minutes late, you better say something. Fifteen…you better have gotten pulled over. It’s called common courtesy, ladies and gentlemen. If you are a few minutes behind, give the person a heads up, especially on a date. You want to make a good impression and not lead them to believe that they’ve been stood up. A simple call is a sign of respect, without it, we have a problem.

– Your date changes the subject when important issues are approached. If we can’t sit down and discuss our wishes, goals, dreams, money, feelings, problems, etc. then what are we doing? You have to feel comfortable talking to someone in order to be with that person, and if you aren’t, then it shouldn’t advance to a relationship. Case closed.

– Your date expects sex after paying for your date. Gentlemen…just because you do a good deed, does not mean that you should always get a pat on the back, especially if it’s something that you should do. For example, fathers (‘fathers’ is the key word here) do not “babysit” their own kids. What you should be saying instead is, “I spent some time with my children.” Another example, “I put some gas in your tank. It was almost on E.” Great…thank you. If you used the car last, you did what you were supposed to do. You don’t get rewarded for that! Expecting sex after paying for a date is played out and I wish guys would stop making that assumption. Women don’t owe you a thing. You were a gentleman and if the woman decides to go that route with you, more power to you, but if not, don’t get mad.

Are there any Bad Date instances that you can add to the list?


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