Body Over Mind

On the way home tonight, I was listening to a song that I really like by Jill Scott called “So Gone”. The chorus says, “Why does my body ignore what my mind says?” and that got me thinking. Interesting question, Ms. Scott.

If I were Sigmund Freud, I would easily respond by saying that ‘Your id is acting up.’ “Id”, according to Freud, is the unconscious process that we all have as children, or preferable infants. It’s all about seeking pleasure- not now, but right now. So like in the song, you end up in bed with a person you have no business with; you turned the volume off on your mind and decided to give in to the pleasure principle and use your body.

If I were R. Kelly, I would just as easily tell you that ‘I don’t see nothing wrong’ (you know the rest).

But let’s get back to the original question. Why do people mute their superego (their conscience) and go with what they know they shouldn’t? Do some people not have a conscience? Believe that they’ll figure it out later? Make up a lame excuse for their actions to downplay what they’ve done (for example, ‘I needed a stress reliever anyways.’)? Or do some people just not have the self-control? And on the flip side, are there times where we should mute our conscience?

What is your opinion?

Disclaimer: I will not be answering this question, but more so looking for other’s answers and viewpoints. Also, sorry for the psychology lesson;)


2 thoughts on “Body Over Mind

  1. Situation based. I imagine a guy’s conscience is usually in check until he see’s something. Bra, panties, a nipple, butt cheek, remember majority of men are turned on visually and the conscience will lose majority of the time. Next is smell and that is the life boat right there. If she’s smelling right then there is no turning back, however if she’s funky (Breath or home plate) then your up outta there and thanking your common senses and wondering where your conscience was in that time of need.

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