Cheat Please

  Do you believe it to be true when people say that ‘A man cheats only if a woman allows him to.’? So a woman says, “Honey, go ahead and screw whomever you feel like. I won’t mind.” Or is it a little more subtle than that?

I can see a person pushing their mate into another’s arms by having a constant nasty attitude, becoming an obsessive private investigator, cutting off the goods for months or up to a year, or even cheating themselves. But who in their right mind allows their man to cheat? The only exception that I see would be in a swinger’s relationship. Do I understand the swinger’s lifestyle? Not at all (but it could be a potential future blog), but from my understanding, stepping out with another is acceptable.

So what about the couples who supposedly “allow” their men to cheat who aren’t swingers? Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re the best looking, the best cook, got the best sex/body, or the nicest house. I believe that there’s a reason deep rooted within the relationship to drive the person elsewhere. Of course, it could be any of those reasons I just listed, but I also believe that sometimes you have to scrape off the surface. Blaming the “victim” does not make the situation any better by saying, “He cheated because you never cleaned the house.” That’s bull and an excuse. Don’t settle for the nitpicking reason. If you want a certified reason, dig deep and find out the underlying problem. Maybe ol boy just can’t keep it in his pants, who knows. It’s not always the woman’s fault.


4 thoughts on “Cheat Please

  1. Its rarely ever the woman’s fault. I have heard people say that the only reason your husband cheats is because you allow him to cheat. I guess that is because some women choose to forgive. Just because a choice is made to forgive, does not mean that someone allows someone to cheat. Some men prefer to have their cake and eat it too. Is it right? Of course not but it is true. I also dont believe the excuses most men use as to why they cheated on their wife/girlfriend. Making excuses eases their conscience and in some instances makes them feel better by placing the blame elsewhere. . .

    • I totally agree with “excuses eases their conscience” because that way they don’t have to face reality and responsibility for their actions. Forgiving is a whole ‘nother battlefield, but yet another way to look at this topic. Good point, Ariella. Thanks for your comment:)

  2. Some attempt to excuse their behavior by saying they are “entitled” to act a fool!!! Because they work SO HARD, they can do anything they want, which is a bunch of crap!!!!!!!

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