Who Are You?

    Within the last month or two, I have heard different variations of the topic I am going to discuss tonight. Mostly, I’ve heard people talking about mistaking kindness for weakness. But what about the people who take full advantage of a person’s kindness? What type of person would do this without a conscious or a care in the world?

There are some truly genuine people out there, and on the other hand, you have some really spiteful and vindictive people. Why is it that the evil spiteful people try their best to take advantage of others or make it to where they feel that they have the upper hand? Is this to make themselves feel better or to bring you down to their level?  I’ll give you an example. Say for instance a man buys his woman a “just because” gift. She accepts it with open arms (smile and hug included), but talks horribly about her man in the next room to her girlfriend. Not only are you fake, but you’re taking advantage of your man and his sweet gesture.

For the genuine people (for those of us who are left), should we stop being so nice to others or pick and choose who we direct our kindheartedness to? Personally, I don’t believe that I should have to change for anybody. If you want to act like an ass, go right ahead, but don’t involve me. I refuse to change who I am in order to deal with your insecurities. Because what it all boils down to is that people like this (malicious people) have deeper problems and one person is hardly the cause of it. They just take advantage of the opportunity to lash out at people who are harmless.

So my question tonight is this…who are you? Are you genuine or fake? Kind or spiteful? Loving or hateful? Trusting or sneaky? And if you are one of those people that I am talking about, seriously think about your life choices and consider getting some help. There’s only so long that people would want to be stuck around your bitterness, insecurities, and inner shame.


3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. These are very sad, and unhappy people , who ultimately destroy themselves. This is why those of us who are blessed, and know we are blessed hang out with positive people who are fully capable of being a friend. Continue to be kind and compassionate to others, for this is who we are. God knows, it is so much harder to be mean, and disrespectful—-wastes so much energy!! Mentally, and emotionally healthy people do not allow themselves to be sucked into someone else’s quagmire of hate, for they know that only self destruction awaits !!!!!!!

    • That’s right. I fully believe that people like this are killing themselves slowly and try to suck other people into their nonsense so they can be miserable too.

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