My Friend’s Ex

   Is it right to flirt with a friend’s ex? Or better yet, date? Before I say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’, consider this.

– This type of situation brings up trust issues. Can you trust your friend to stay a friend? Would a true friend really do this?

– You could also wonder if something was going on before the break up or if either party was even looking at each other then. Then your mind would start to think back to all of those times you all were hanging out and you left the room to go to the bathroom or to grab something from the frig.

– If your friend breaks up with your ex, you would be left to wonder if it’ll happen again with your next mate.

– Think about it…would you really want to hear intimate details coming from your friend’s mouth about your ex?

– What is your friend trying to prove? That they can snatch your mate? That they are a better catch than you?

It isn’t always good to kiss and tell unless you truly have a trustworthy friend. I heard a long time ago that if you do too much talking about how great your mate is, people start paying attention to that and might test it out themselves. In my personal opinion, a friend would never betray the trust and loyalty to their friend by dating their ex. I mean who wants sloppy seconds? It would create quite the strain on your friendship, if it remains intact. A true friend knows their boundaries and what’s off limits. So if your “friend” is looking at, flirting with, having sex with, or actually in a relationship with your ex (or even worse, your current mate), you will definitely have to reevaluate your friendship- see if it’s worth saving or if it really was a friendship to begin with.


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