What If?

  Continuing on with the friendship theme for the month of September, I decided for this blog I would strike up some meaningful conversation through some thought provoking questions. Think about these and feel free to post some answers.

1. What if you had a friend who questions your parenting skills/style?

2. What if your friend steals from you?

3. What if your friend needs a kidney or some other kind of transplant?

4. What if your friend slept with your spouse?

5. What if your friend was homicidal or suicidal?

6. What if your friend was into heavy drugs or alcohol?

7. What if your friend constantly copies your style (ex. the way you dress, look, talk, etc.)?

8. What if your friend tries to deliberately sabotage your relationship?

9. What if your friend hates your fiancee or spouse?

10. What if your friend wanted to date someone in your family?

11. What if your friend doesn’t believe in God (or the same God) or have the same values as you?

12. What if your friend becomes best friends with your archenemy?

Are any of these “dealbreakers” for you?


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