Texting has to be one of the greatest technology inventions ever. It’s convenient. Immediate. If you can’t talk on the phone at that moment, shoot a text. Got one word to say, text it. You get the picture. It’s to the point where I can have a whole conversation and be totally content or almost prefer it. But sometimes, there are some conversations that should not be lessened to text. And if you were bold enough to do these first six things, then shame on you!

Top six things NOT to put in a text (not in any particular order):

1. Break up- You should never break up with someone through text. That’s just flat out wrong. ‘Nuff said.

2. STD- Do I really need to explain this? Okay, I’ll just say this. Putting another person’s life in jeopardy and then having the audacity to sum some heartbreaking news like this in a text is scandalous. Put on your big boy draws/ big girl panties and actually talk to that person.

3. Affair- Umm… you are literally letting the air out of a person’s tire when this is done. This is never okay and this is the type of act that would leave a person scarred for life. Not only are you admitting to cheating, which is devastating enough, but you cowardly place that confession in a text. Your partner deserves more than that. Even if it’s to get back at them, it’s not a good look. Period.

4. Pregnancy (especially unplanned)- The words “I’m pregnant” said to a guy (unless the baby was planned) is already earth shattering, but now you want to text that?? I can’t even think of a good enough reason to do this. Just don’t.

5. Death/ serious illness- I could see if the person is not close to you. Okay, whatever. But NOBODY should get a text that says, “Oh yeah, did you know that your sister died?” “We’re burying your brother tomorrow.” “Dad’s dead.” Are you serious?? Once that initial shock of the passing wears off, cuss that person out til there’s no tomorrow!

6. Marriage Proposal- That would get an automatic NO in all caps. And then, “Are you serious” would follow up.


Top three things that ARE acceptable (if they were stated verbally first; not in any particular order):

1. “Stay away from me.” Sometimes people need things said verbally and in writing to really get the message. This is one of those things. All caps is very effective too.

2. “Don’t call me anymore.” Self explanatory.

3. “I love you.” I included this because this should be said when there are mutual feelings involved. It becomes awkward when someone professes their love and you feel nothing. Then there’s a problem.

If you have difficulties wondering whether or not to put something in a text, then you probably should not. Think of it like this. Would you want to hear these type of things through text if the shoe was on the other foot. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to consider other people’s feelings some times.


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