Should I Tell?

couple2   You meet someone. You date. You decide to date exclusively. You have to have the big talk about sex. Should you or should you not talk about your sex history? Now I’m not talking about how many people you’ve bedded, or what so and so did that you really liked in bed. I’m talking about whether you’ve had STDs or not.

This is a serious subject. Now some people believe that the past is in the past and should stay there when you bring a new partner in to play. For the people that you go to bed with casually (meaning a noncommittal relationship, friends with benefits, or a one night stand type of relationship)- maybe you should tell or maybe not, depending on the type of relationship. If you currently have something, not only should you definitely tell, but you should…drumroll please…NOT have sex (no brainer right). But if it’s a one nighter, should you mention that you got burned twelve years ago? Maybe not.

For the person you are planning to settle down with- I believe that you should definitely tell. You should unquestionably be honest with someone who you are serious with. They need to know head on what they are getting themselves into. Keeping open communication in regards to this topic is essential since you will be putting someone’s life at risk once you decide to have sex.

What do you think? Leave it in the past? Mention it only to a spouse not girlfriends/boyfriends who won’t be around for long? Please share your thoughts.


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