To Be or Not To Be With

couple3   Recently, I’ve had a couple of conversations with a few of friends of mine in regards to dating. Now granted, I am no longer dating, but it is still an interesting topic to discuss. The topic of choice was basically compromise. When you are just stepping into the dating world, you have a couple of things on your wish list that you want in your partner. A few years later, that list grows and grows. When you hit the mid to late twenties, that list becomes damn near impossible for anybody to match (I know that I’m not just talking about the ladies here). If you are still single in your thirties, suddenly, one or two things fall off. Those one or two things are called compromises.

Now, the question is…why can’t I have what I want or why shouldn’t I get exactly what I want? Because, sometimes our standards are set too high. Not to say that you shouldn’t set the bar somewhere. I’m just pointing out that maybe you shouldn’t shoot for the stars and expect perfection.

A week or two ago, (of course I can’t remember who voted and where) on the internet there was a post about the “Perfect Man.” About two thousand women voted, and this fifty-year-old, slightly pudgy man with an accent was the result. They described the type of hair and eyes, what he did for a living, etc., but what they mainly described was physical attributes. (And for the record, the picture I saw of the man was not attractive.) But, just physical attributes and how a person makes money does not make the man.  What if you meet a gorgeous doctor who beats on you? Fine + a well-respected profession≠ does not always mean a good person at heart.

The point is, there is no cookie-cutter perfect guy, but there is a perfect person for each one of us. What’s best for me is not going to be best for you. Sometimes you have to compromise to get that custom made person. And what you choose to compromise is your business, whether it be your religious beliefs, children are already in the picture, their marital status (and I’m talking divorced, single, or maybe separated)- you get the picture. Your “perfect” man or woman could be out there right now that you’re overlooking because they don’t make $100,000 per year or because they don’t own a Bentley. Sometimes we have to give up a lil something to fully achieve and appreciate happiness.


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