Things That Make You Say Awe

love2  Nowadays, many relationships are based on trickery. Somebody’s looking for an ulterior motive such as sex, money, or simply using the other person for any type of gain. Some of us have been played so hard that you question every single nice word or kind gesture for fear of more game playing or just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On the other hand, there are some men and women who are truly mature and know what they’re looking for, so they decide not to play games, but rather state how they really feel about the person they care about. Here are some of the most loving things that you could say to your other half (not in any particular order). *These are only considered sweet and genuine when they are spoken from the heart.

1. I love you.

2. I appreciate you.

3. I support you.

4. You turn me on.

5. I can’t wait to… see you, hold you, kiss you, or any other similar variation.

6. “We” and “us” (instead of “I”)

7. We’re in this together.

8. You make me smile.

9. You are gorgeous or sexy.

10. You are my best friend.

11. I can’t stand being without you.

12. I miss you.

Do you have any that you could add to the list?


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