Written in Stone

???????????????????????????????????????  Men open all doors and pay for everything. Men set up the dates. Women should be coy and eat salads at dinner. Do these same rules for dating apply in 2013 as they did in the 50s? We are in a new day of age and require a new set of rules, ladies and gentlemen. Do I believe that men should still be opening doors? Yes. I think that men should still be required to be men and more importantly, gentlemen. Do I believe that men should be making all the decisions about the date? No. Just as we have a new breed of rules, we also have a different breed of women. We don’t have to wait for a man to ask us out, and ordering for us is totally unacceptable.

My question is… What exactly is acceptable dating behavior? One of the “rules” state that once you go out on a date, you wait a day or two for the man to follow-up and schedule another date for the following weekend or week. I have a friend who thought I was crazy because I went on a first date, then turned around and went on the second date the next day. But guess what, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years since that first date. A girlfriend of mine met someone in a bar and saw each other everyday since, then married two years later. So the scheduling a date a week or two later is for the birds. Do what you feel is right. If you made that connection and your date wants to see you the next day, go for it (unless it seems out of desperation).

Another rule that I’d like to dispute is the picking the woman up from the house. I have an issue with this when it’s the first couple of dates. You don’t need to know where I live early on, especially when it comes to safety. What if we go out and don’t have a great time? You ended up being a jackass and a severely disturbed man. You picked me up from the house on the first date and now you’re extra salty because we’re not going out again. Now I have ol’ boy doing drive-bys and stalking me at my place because I didn’t get to know him before he got to see my place. No sir! Long story short. There are a lot of crazy people out there who are disguised as well-mannered ladies and gentlemen. Don’t put on your blinders at the beginning. Don’t ignore those red flags that you complain about to your girlfriend when you get home from the date!

What are some dating rules that you have broken? I only discussed two but I know there are a ton more!


3 thoughts on “Written in Stone

  1. dating and meeting is different..dating is more intimate so he picks you if he has a transport and meeting means..you should go on your own..first you should know who you want to date..and selection from menu both should get a chance..lastly..life has no guarantees so..how can anything else be set up with rules..there are no set rules except be nice and polite..no doesn’t hurt 😉

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