The Blues

stalker  For some people, a break up is the greatest thing poppin.’ A new sense of freedom. No one to check in with. A return to the ‘very single’ status. However, there are some who don’t and cannot fully grasp the concept of being single and unattached. These are the people who can’t let go and want to hold on to something that’s broken and simply a memory.

Here are ten ways that prove that you are still not over your ex.

1. You still call, text, or email your ex. Why??

2. If your ex does call or text you, your stomach flutters. You just can’t wait to see what they say, whether it’s positive or negative.

3. Even if they dog you, you still don’t accept it. She tells you to drop dead and you laugh it off and honestly believe that she’s just joking. No. She’s serious. Move on before she starts plotting your demise.

4. You still know their schedule. If you’re looking at the clock at seven and know that his poker game is just starting with the boys, and at ten he’s just pulling in the driveway, find something else to do, especially at that time so you’re not clocking his every move. You’re missing out on your own life by living through his…separately.

5. You know everything about how your ex moved on. You know not only that they got a promotion at work and moved, but you also know that they are dating and the who, what, and why about that person. Get a life. He/she did.

6.  You punish your next boyfriend/girlfriend for stuff your ex did. This is the only time guys can say the infamous phrase, “It wasn’t me” and actually be telling the truth! Nobody likes being accused of something they didn’t do or your personal baggage being dumped on someone that has nothing to do with it. Get yourself straight first.

7. Date someone who looks just like your ex. What, you thought you can upgrade with his identical twin? Stop it.

8. They are still talking about it or depressed six months later…and beyond. This is where the professional help comes in. Get it.

9. You’re still holding onto hope. “He doesn’t realize that I’m all he needs.” If you’re still saying this six months…one year…two years later. Give it up. It’s over.

10. You befriend your ex’s best friends on FB to see what your ex is up to. There is a such thing as ‘cyber stalking’ and this is it. Feel good about yourself?

Everyone gets their heart broken at least once in their life. Make sure that you’re not going through the motions EVERY time you experience a break up. The more time you spend on someone who doesn’t want you, the less time you spend living and finding the person who actually does want you. He or she is out there. Stop wasting your precious time. Life is too short to WANT to be unhappy.


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