Good Lovin’

chewing-lips-12923223  I’ve been treading lightly around this particular topic because I know my mother reads my blogs, but this time, I gotta dive in. I was browsing through a list of articles last week on another site; many of them caught my eye, a couple of them I read, and then I kept it moving. But there was one article that I purposely skipped because I wanted to pose the question myself and  give my own opinion. So here’s the question… .

What Makes Good Sex?

As always readers, please add a comment, because I’m just curious to see if this made you really think as it did for me (and of course add HOW you would answer the question).

For me, good sex is a whole ‘lotta things! For one, it’s passion. Now, passion for some might be on the list of ‘making love,’ but I would add it to both. Second, a connection. Meaningless, empty sex is just that…meaningless and empty, not necessarily good. When you actually connect with someone, it makes the experience that much richer.

Third, pleasure. You have to like it, that’s a no brainer. Fourth, selflessness. If your partner is all about them, then it’s no fun. But when you’re included and you are pleased as well, then naturally, it would make the experience better. Fifth, climax. Who doesn’t want to (just as long as it’s not thirty seconds in)?

Sixth, it is NOT the size. I may be a minority here on this one, but it really is how you use your tool. You can have the biggest schlong in history and still not know what to do with it. On the other hand, a smaller guy may have more tricks up his sleeve. Which leads me to number seven, effort. If you put a lot of effort in it, the more pleasurable the experience.

Eighth, excitement. There’s got to be some kind of thrill; whether it’s a naughty place, or you’re wearing something skanky, or whatever. And last but certainly not least, desire. Having that desire is the equivalent of revving the engine.

What can you add to the list?


5 thoughts on “Good Lovin’

  1. For me lovemaking is more than just the act of sex, it’s a quality of relating. It’s active intimacy that starts in the morning and tickles all day long with a string of thoughtful things. Sacred sex to me is slow, connecting and almost always last for hours. I find sex to be more enriching when I focus my attention on getting her to climax, as she does with me. For me it’s not all about the climax, it’s like saying “I don’t care what movie we watch, I just want to spend time with you”.

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