Whose Booty

legs2Some people can and some cannot have sex with someone without attaching feelings. The ones who know what time it is may have others or simply enjoy being single (let’s hope these bed hoppers are single). The ones who take things more seriously often leave the ‘relationship’ with hurt feelings. There’s nothing worse than being left in the dark about someone who maybe a potential somebody.

So, what are some clues that you are only a jump off? Here’s a list of subtle to obvious hints that tell you that you are being used.

+ You get calls only at night or in the wee hours.

– You don’t get called for casual conversation very often at all.

+ You don’t meet any family or friends (on purpose).

– You’ve never seen their house in the daytime, or vice versa (you may not have seen them in the light either).

+ You do more calling than they do.

– They mostly text sexually explicit words and/or pictures instead of conversations.

+ They ask ‘How are you’ only out of common courtesy. They really don’t care.

– They don’t discuss feelings (unless it has to do with how they felt sexually).

+ Cuddling and talking afterwards is most likely out of the question.

– They don’t want to know anything about you.

+ You don’t know where they live (maybe only the city).

– You can forget going out with them. You won’t be going anywhere in public together.

Have you ever fit this description?


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