Not Like That

cartoons kissing photo: KISSING SMURFS thSmurfs.jpg  Teenage years, maybe. But when you’re in you’re late twenties and up, you should’ve had plenty of practice and should know how to kiss. Part of the art of seduction is knowing how to kiss (and where to kiss…but that’s whole ‘nother topic). Here are some of the worst kissing errors a person could make. If your actions have made the list… Stop it!

– Around your mouth and even your chin is wet: Why couldn’t you find my lips? What does my chin have to do with it?

– Each kiss is a small dry peck: What’s the point?

– You lick faces: Umm… this is not a kiss and I need a shower after.

– Your tongue just lays there: Nobody’s tongue should be camping out in my mouth. You must have a purpose.

– (On the flip side) Your tongue is overactive: Calm down. Kissing is no longer pleasing or sexy if you feel like this is a race.

– Eyes wide open: That is just creepy and so not sexy. Close your eyes. I shouldn’t feel your stare.

Any kissing horror stories that you can add?


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