Not Your Daddy

father“Indescribable love”, “a greater sense of responsibility”, “nervousness”, and “makes u want to be a better person,” are words that describe the feelings of the birth of one father’s daughter. Notice the word father is used here instead of dad. There is a grave distinction between the two and I believe that fathers should be celebrated and recognized, instead of dads and sperm donors.

First and foremost, let me define these two terms. ‘Dad’ and ‘sperm donor’ can almost be used interchangeably. A ‘sperm donor’ is just that; not there physically there, and even when confronted, is in total denial or flat out doesn’t care about his child(ren). A ‘dad’ is a sperm donor who contributes when convenient. For example, he has ten children and brags about them, but does not take care of them or see them; or he enters his child’s life when something significant happens in their life.

A father simply cannot be confused with the other two terms. A father takes care of his child(ren)’s needs- physical, emotional, and financial- without court or anybody else asking or begging them to. A father wants the best for his child. He does what it takes to keep his family happy. A father talks to his child(ren), and is genuinely interested and involved in their child’s life. A father makes his child(ren) a priority. And a father spends time with his child(ren) and does not babysit them.

So, this coming Sunday (and other days too), let all the real men who are fathers know how important they are in your life and to society as a whole. There are way too many dads out there who aren’t handling their business and allowing women or the justice system to raise men. If you are a father, keep doing what you’re doing and I truly appreciate you!



3 thoughts on “Not Your Daddy

  1. You are equating FATHER with PARENT. That’s so good to see . So many of us do not know the difference!!!!! If we had more PARENTS, just MAYBE we would see less hatred and crime. More of us would love, and respect ourselves and one another!!!!

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