The End

curtains  Besides the obvious, “I don’t want to see you anymore,” there are some other ways to call it quits without even saying it. Here are some ways that could lead to ending your relationship in a passive and/or aggressive way.

– Cheat…  Especially when it’s repetitive or it’s with a close friend or family member.

– Hit… One would only hope that if a person is getting abused, they would leave the relationship before it’s too late.

– Emotionless…  It’s one thing to cheat in a physical way, but when your heart is given to another or you are void of any positive feelings towards your man/woman, it’s a wrap.

– Steal… When you can’t even trust a person to keep their sticky fingers to themselves (wallet, TV, coffeemaker- you get the picture, anything that’s not tied down), it should be a done deal.

– Lie… This goes hand in hand with stealing. You can’t trust a person who constantly lies about any and everything.

– Dislike…  You could just plain ole not like someone.

– Disrespect… This is when you take the mama jokes too far, belittle your partner in front of guests, or hit on others in front of you.

What else could you add to the list?


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