Not My Mama

block  Last week I talked about being in a relationship and not liking your partner’s child. Blended families can be difficult, but even tougher when you don’t like your boyfriend or girlfriend’s tot. But what happens if it’s the other way around?

You’ve seen movies like Are We There Yet? and Bebe’s Kids  where the child/children go buckwild because they believe that you are replacing their mom or dad. Of course it’s all giggles when looking from the outside in, but what about when you’re actually in that situation? I think not.

Well, two things parents should keep in mind. First things first… talk to your children. That goes without saying, but as a parent, you should address all concerns. Open communication helps ALL relationships, not just parent/child, but in this case, this is so important. Find out why your child doesn’t like your new squeeze. Do they have a valid point? Or do they clash because they have different styles of dress?

Secondly, as a parent, and equally important, do NOT introduce your child to every Tom, Dick, and Harry or Sally, Mae, Tina. Your children should only meet a person who is significant to you and when the relationship is long term. If there’s a stamped of partners through the house, your children may believe that that’s the way relationships work. No child wants to believe that their mother or father is loose.

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Not My Mama

  1. A friend of mine just went through that. The relationship ended for other reasons but it had been difficult for her to have a strained relationship with one of his kids. I agree that parents should use wisdom when introducing their kids to new mates.

    • Thank you for your comment, Carla. Relationships are tough to maintain on their own, but when you mix in not getting along with your mate’s flesh and blood… . I wrote this article while thinking about the impact on little children (introducing them to whoever and not thinking about the impact later), but the relationship can be just as strained with adult children who can communicate their frustrations in numerous ways!

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