So Toxic

???????????????????????????????????????  Ever have one that got away? You just knew he or she was The One. You already mapped out your wedding and your children’s names. So there’s just one question… why do you keep breaking up?

Everyone has that ex that you can’t get rid of, but have you ever been on the other side? Where the ex can’t get rid of you? They dog you out and use you, but you think that they are ‘just playing’ or ‘too busy’ to call back, commit, or ask you out again. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Until you are in that situation.

What if you tell a person you like them and their response is, “I’m flattered” and calls you back whenever? What if you go to visit them (in a different state) and they are too busy to see you more than once within a week’s time, OR if you happen to be visiting the area and they say, “Cool,  we should hook up” and they are nowhere to be found? What if you get burned (catch an STD) by your mate and you still go back to them?

All of these questions lead to one answer…you’re playing yourself. Not just once, because it never happens just one time. But over and over again. So my question to the people who are addicted to toxic people and situations is what’s wrong with you? Trust me, I’m not judging because I’ve been there. You know you’re getting hurt yet again, but you are in too deep to pull yourself out of this destructive behavior and/or relationship. You don’t see yourself getting out because this person is so perfect except they don’t call, text, date… . You get the picture.

Some of the reasons we go through this rough period of time is because we are settling, are comfortable, have low self-esteem, or don’t know what true love feels like. Dating is hard, I get it. But there’s nothing worse than settling for someone who is not worth your time, effort, and energy. If the next day after seeing this person, you don’t like the way you feel, then better luck next time because they aren’t The One. Do yourself a favor. Cleanse yourself of the toxic relationship and of the bad energy you have allowed in your mind, body, and soul. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but it’s oh so worth it.


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