The Way Things Were

1328112400AQSleL  Remember when you were young (or younger) and didn’t have a care in the world? The only thing you had to focus on was walking, then learning how to read, then finding friends to play tag with you. Only, when you’re that young, you want to be grown. You can’t wait to get your own place, drive with your friends to no place in particular, and get money (not make- getting a job is for suckas).

Now that you are grown, all you want to do is go back to the “good ole days.” Come back with me for a minute.

Remember …

+ Playing Super Mario Brothers on your Nintendo system…that huge gray box.

+ Playing tag and freeze tag with all the neighborhood kids.

+ The tv with the big knobs that made a loud clicking noise every time you turned it.

+ What? What’s a remote, much less a pager??

+ Cross Colours- oh yeah, you remember those long brightly-colored shorts!

+When you were actually scared of your parents.

– What I don’t miss is those biker shorts. Yeah, unfortunately I had a couple- one was hot pink and the other was black with a green stripe on the side. Now how I remember those details but not what I did yesterday is beyond me.

– Fanny packs: Damnit people…if you aren’t participating in sports, let the fanny go!

– Big poofy scrunchies. These died slowly. R.I.P.

What do you miss about your youth?


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