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Reason Being

???????????????????????????????????????  Everything and everybody should have purpose. Purpose is important because it is the reason that you get up and do things. The reason why you are with someone. The reason why you work towards something.

Everything happens for a reason. I am a firm believer in that. And, people are in your life for a reason as well. If somebody’s there just to be there then they have no purpose. What I mean is, if they are draining you mentally, physically, financially, emotionally- they have no purpose and they gotta go.

What’s the point of holding on to something or somebody who isn’t drawing interest or carrying any weight? Why are you holding yourself back from reaching your goals, or your potential? You are maximizing your time and effort and overall purpose to contribute to something or somebody who has made no contribution to your life. And for what?

Think about this… Where would you be if you let go of your ex or that one person you want to be with so bad but it’s not mutual? Where would you be if you reorganized your space (in your mind, body, soul, and physical space)? Who knows, you could be inadvertently blocking your blessing because you’re comfortable where you are, don’t want to have hurt feelings, or simply scared of the unknown. Stop it. Reevaluate your life. I’m willing to bet that there’s something or someone there that shouldn’t be.

Personally, I am all about purpose. People who know me have heard me say, “ What is his/her purpose” or “That has no purpose” time and time again. But here’s the thing. I need to know why you’re in my life, and if you shouldn’t be, then you won’t be. I don’t care how that sounds because it’s the truth. I spent many a day carrying unnecessary baggage only to lose part of my life and create unwanted stress. And at the end of the day, I had nothing to show for it. I don’t want or have ‘just because’ friendships. You’re either a friend or you’re not. If we’re associates, we’re talking because we’re cool and there is a reason we keep in touch. You add some type of purpose or joy to my life and I WANT you there. If you get cut off, the cons outweigh the pros and it must be for the best.

My best advice for all is to seriously evaluate all aspects of your life. Clean out your closet, so to speak. Get rid of everything and everybody who doesn’t bring any value to your life. I guarantee you will feel like a brand new person. And don’t just do this once. Constant reevaluation takes practice, but it prevents unneeded stress and it’s well worth it.


What Did You Do That For?

what-26714648  There are some things in life that we feel guilty for. You know the times when you said to yourself, “Damn, I shouldn’t have done that.” And there are some things in life we don’t give a kiddy about and have that, “Oh well” attitude. So this post is more towards the “Oh well” and “I don’t care crowd.”

Here are the top six ways you know you have hooked up with someone for the wrong reasons (and take “hooked up” any way you like).

1). Money: This is your get rich quick scheme? Really? Do material objects really keep you warm at night, comfort you, bring you soup when you’re sick? Gold digging is for the birds. Grow up and get a real relationship.

2). Change in status: You were like Beyonce and looking for an upgrade, weren’t you? Well going after someone or hooking up with them only in hopes of a change in social or marital status is a relationship doomed to fail. If it’s not about love and a true partnership, it’s not going to work. Who knows, your prince might be like Roc (the garbage man) or your queen may be a model with a jacked up attitude but great connections. Everything shiny ain’t gold.

3). Make a friend mad: Are you one of those, “Now she can’t have him. He’s mine,” in spite of or to get back at someone? But if you really think about it, if you hooked up with someone with a negative motive in mind against your friend, then are you truly friends? It shouldn’t be about competition and ugliness.

4). Make your parents mad: You knew they didn’t like him or her before you hooked up and you did it anyways. Just to prove a point or to be ornery. You knew it wasn’t worth the hassle.

5). Just to see what all the hype was about: Sit your greedy needy butt down! Why must you have to know? Just listen to your best friend, barber, or cousin brag. You don’t have to go out and test the waters too!

6). Bored: My personal favorite excuse- I didn’t have anything to do, or “Whatever.” *See my “Just Because” blog for more information on this reasoning.

Was there anything that I missed?

Who Cares

celebrity-red-carpet-23079981  Apparently, part of the Hollywood lifestyle is to be in the limelight…all the time. So and so went to the store. So and so bought a new puppy and it died. So and so tripped. Now granted, some things are interesting such as who married and divorced (depending on who it is), not so much a breakup, but that really depends on who it is. For instance, even though I watch The Big Bang Theory, I couldn’t care less that “Penny” got together and broke up with someone after ten minutes of dating.

I guess part of the territory of being a celebrity is dealing with frivolous news articles about you. Rumors stirring from nowhere in particular. And of course, the infamous paparazzi taking pictures every five seconds.

Who’s fault is it that I have to turn on yahoo or aol and see a picture of some chick with the shortest shorts possible? Is it the society that we live in? We have to keep a sharp eye on what every famous person does, breathes, eats, wears…you get the picture. Is it the critics? It’s their job to critique clothing and other things as it pertains to the celebs. Is it the paparazzi- their pictures are so interesting that we have nothing else to do but watch and wait intently? Or is it us? Do we really have nothing else to do with ourselves? Are we so envious of famous people that we have to know what they are doing every minute of the day?

They are people too. They put on their draws one leg at a time too. Sure some stories are interesting, but oftentimes not. They have a life and we need to get one too and mind our own business. Thoughts?

Are You Serious?

confused2Every now and then you come across something that’ll make you say….huh? Check this out. I go on vacation and come back to hear some of the weirdest, nastiest thing ever. Who the hell came up with the brilliant idea to sell their pregnancy tests? WTF?? And it’s got the nerve to be a trend? So there’s more than one gross heffa out there?

Umm… ladies. Did you forget that you peed on that damn stick? How sanitary can it possibly be to touch someone else’s pee stick? I wouldn’t want to touch my own, let alone someone else’s! And to sweeten the pot, sell your fresh urine to seal the deal. What is wrong with these people??

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that it’s used for trickery. “Ha ha. I told you I was pregnant!” Or, “Now you have to marry me!” And if you have to do all that to trick a man into staying with you, then what kind of dysfunctional relationship do you have going on? IF you can call it a relationship. I tell you, if crazy people used their minds for something more productive… . SMH