Who Cares

celebrity-red-carpet-23079981  Apparently, part of the Hollywood lifestyle is to be in the limelight…all the time. So and so went to the store. So and so bought a new puppy and it died. So and so tripped. Now granted, some things are interesting such as who married and divorced (depending on who it is), not so much a breakup, but that really depends on who it is. For instance, even though I watch The Big Bang Theory, I couldn’t care less that “Penny” got together and broke up with someone after ten minutes of dating.

I guess part of the territory of being a celebrity is dealing with frivolous news articles about you. Rumors stirring from nowhere in particular. And of course, the infamous paparazzi taking pictures every five seconds.

Who’s fault is it that I have to turn on yahoo or aol and see a picture of some chick with the shortest shorts possible? Is it the society that we live in? We have to keep a sharp eye on what every famous person does, breathes, eats, wears…you get the picture. Is it the critics? It’s their job to critique clothing and other things as it pertains to the celebs. Is it the paparazzi- their pictures are so interesting that we have nothing else to do but watch and wait intently? Or is it us? Do we really have nothing else to do with ourselves? Are we so envious of famous people that we have to know what they are doing every minute of the day?

They are people too. They put on their draws one leg at a time too. Sure some stories are interesting, but oftentimes not. They have a life and we need to get one too and mind our own business. Thoughts?

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