What Did You Do That For?

what-26714648  There are some things in life that we feel guilty for. You know the times when you said to yourself, “Damn, I shouldn’t have done that.” And there are some things in life we don’t give a kiddy about and have that, “Oh well” attitude. So this post is more towards the “Oh well” and “I don’t care crowd.”

Here are the top six ways you know you have hooked up with someone for the wrong reasons (and take “hooked up” any way you like).

1). Money: This is your get rich quick scheme? Really? Do material objects really keep you warm at night, comfort you, bring you soup when you’re sick? Gold digging is for the birds. Grow up and get a real relationship.

2). Change in status: You were like Beyonce and looking for an upgrade, weren’t you? Well going after someone or hooking up with them only in hopes of a change in social or marital status is a relationship doomed to fail. If it’s not about love and a true partnership, it’s not going to work. Who knows, your prince might be like Roc (the garbage man) or your queen may be a model with a jacked up attitude but great connections. Everything shiny ain’t gold.

3). Make a friend mad: Are you one of those, “Now she can’t have him. He’s mine,” in spite of or to get back at someone? But if you really think about it, if you hooked up with someone with a negative motive in mind against your friend, then are you truly friends? It shouldn’t be about competition and ugliness.

4). Make your parents mad: You knew they didn’t like him or her before you hooked up and you did it anyways. Just to prove a point or to be ornery. You knew it wasn’t worth the hassle.

5). Just to see what all the hype was about: Sit your greedy needy butt down! Why must you have to know? Just listen to your best friend, barber, or cousin brag. You don’t have to go out and test the waters too!

6). Bored: My personal favorite excuse- I didn’t have anything to do, or “Whatever.” *See my “Just Because” blog for more information on this reasoning.

Was there anything that I missed?


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