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S. O. S.

life saver  Why is it so difficult to ask for help? Some people don’t because their pride gets in the way.

Some don’t because they want to have all of the glory in saying that they managed all by themselves. Some are just too scared to (for whatever reason that may be). And some may believe that it’s a “giving up” or failure gesture. Whatever your reasoning is behind it is ultimately stubbornness. Everybody needs help every now and then, and some more than others. But if you need it, speak up! Don’t wait until you sink. What if it’s too late then?

Why is it easier to help someone instead of asking for it for yourself? Some people like to give more than they like to receive. Some like to shift the focus off of themselves. And some like the sense of accomplishment or like to feel good afterwards. There’s nothing wrong with selfless acts. In fact, all people should add a lil altruism in their life.

Why is it tit for tat? I can understand how it could be if there was a person asking for assistance ALL the time and never giving. That gets tired real quick. Then when you stop giving, they get mad. Everybody’s gotta do their share. Don’t be that guy or girl who can never do for themselves and want people to do FOR you, or else you will start coming up short!

What about the people who ask for or complain about not receiving any help- but don’t use what they get? What is your purpose, or better yet, what is the point? I hate it when people do this. It’s like they want to test the waters to see if you’ll come through. Please stop wasting people’s time and energy- it’s annoying.

In any type of relationship (friendship, business, kinship, or personal relationship), you should have equal give and take. Asking for and accepting help may be difficult for some, but it’s a part of life. Take a good look at each of your relationships and make sure that you are equally balanced. If not, that will be where most of the stress lies.


Isn’t it Funny

bear  It takes up to eighty muscles to laugh and you can lose about 1.3 calories per minute. There are so many benefits to laughing, so why don’t we do it more? Here are twelve reasons why laughing should be part of our daily intake.

+ Sometimes we laugh to keep from crying.

+ It feels damn good.

+ Pathetic people want to irritate you on purpose. Instead of getting mad, laugh them off or laugh in their face. Whichever makes you feel better.

+ Some don’t know how to be happy, so they make others miserable. Don’t give in. Rise above their misery and laugh because you refuse to join them.

+ It’s good exercise.

+ Because you can. Take advantage of that.

+ Because you’re blessed.

+ Because you’re happy.

+ Because you truly accept happiness in your life.

+ You feel like you deserve to be happy.

+ Out of nervousness.

+ Cause it’s funny.

I Will Lose

male skinnyjeans  January brings a fresh new start and automatically people begin to make resolutions. This is the time to declutter your mind, space, or body. But we need to go a little deeper than that. There are some lifestyle changes that need to be added to the resolution list that are usually overlooked. So, these are some lifestyle changes that should be made and not brought into 2014.

* “Brush the dirt off your shoulders”: I know this was cute when this first came out…a decade later, it is not.

* “Turn up:” No, turn off… permanently.

* Men’s skinny jeans: Whoever came up with this concept needs to be slapped and dropped kicked in the ass. Some aren’t 100% comfortable for females to wear, so what makes a man think that he could wear it better? Then you have those who sag these jeans too– a double negative! How the hell can you sag tight ass pants? Men’s skinny jeans need to all be put in a big pile and burned. For all of the men who wear these– SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND AND THEY ARE NOT SEXY.

* Negativity and cruelty: It is not attractive to purposely hurt others. You may or may not receive payback from that person, but best believe that you will get yours from a higher power. On the other hand, negativity brings you down mentally, and in turn, physically. It’s simply not worth it.

* Not living up to your potential: Laziness is for the birds. What are you waiting for? The time to get things done and live out your dreams is now. President Barack Obama said it best: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we are waiting for. We are the change we seek.”

Hmm…there may be a part two. Any lifestyle no-nos for the New Year?

Is It?

cats  I read in an article yesterday about a question you shouldn’t ask your date, or should I say, the person you’re out with– “Is this a date?” One way to look at this is– if you really have to ask or think about it, then it probably isn’t. That’s a question that needs to be raised before your foot hits the pavement to go out. Where is this going? How do I feel about him/her? If the answers to any of these questions are negative, your best bet is that you aren’t on an official date.

Are there some gray areas? He’s feeling me, but it’s not mutual. He’s dating himself then. We really like each other, but we’re taking it slow. You’re getting to know each other, that’s not necessarily a date. Same pressure, but it’s just an outing. We’ve hung out for years. You don’t “date” for years. You’re either in a relationship for all that time or you’re not.

A “date” means that you are out with someone you share mutual feelings with (like or love). You also envision the date/dating going somewhere or having an overall purpose. Couples go out to explore their feelings for one another. If the couple decides to take it further, then they enter a relationship; if not, they stop the dating process.

“Just because,” “friends with benefits,” and hang out partners are not your dating partners, ladies and gentlemen. A one-sided equation or fake relationship doesn’t count.

Agree or disagree? Let’s hear your take on dating.

The Good Good

lips  Awe yeah! This is how we’re starting off the new year. SEX…LOVE…LOVING SEX…LOVING LOVE. Is there a difference between making love and sex? YES! Some prefer the quick and dirty. Others prefer to take their time and do it right. What does it depend on? The person? The timing? The place? All the above or none of the above?

Here are a few of the differences between making love and having sex.

1). Sex: You can have it with anyone; making love= it’s with someone special.

2). Sex: Can be meaningless; making love= meaningful.

3). Sex: Affects you physically; making love= affects you emotionally, physically, and perhaps even musically and spiritually.

4). Sex: Can be forgettable; making love= unforgettable.

5). Sex: Oftentimes without feeling; making love= intensely emotional.

6). Sex: Sometimes hurried; making love= you take your time.

7). Sex: There’s no time for passion; making love= you please every inch of your partner.

8). Making love= Long lasting foreplay; sex: kissing is the foreplay.

9). Making love= The goal is to please; sex: the goal is to get in and get out.

10). Making love= Sends a tingling feeling down your spine; sex: leaves you feeling like…when’s a good time to leave?

Don’t get me wrong, you can also have sex with a special person too. You can probably tell my preference between the two, but let me hear yours. Which do you prefer and why?