Is It?

cats  I read in an article yesterday about a question you shouldn’t ask your date, or should I say, the person you’re out with– “Is this a date?” One way to look at this is– if you really have to ask or think about it, then it probably isn’t. That’s a question that needs to be raised before your foot hits the pavement to go out. Where is this going? How do I feel about him/her? If the answers to any of these questions are negative, your best bet is that you aren’t on an official date.

Are there some gray areas? He’s feeling me, but it’s not mutual. He’s dating himself then. We really like each other, but we’re taking it slow. You’re getting to know each other, that’s not necessarily a date. Same pressure, but it’s just an outing. We’ve hung out for years. You don’t “date” for years. You’re either in a relationship for all that time or you’re not.

A “date” means that you are out with someone you share mutual feelings with (like or love). You also envision the date/dating going somewhere or having an overall purpose. Couples go out to explore their feelings for one another. If the couple decides to take it further, then they enter a relationship; if not, they stop the dating process.

“Just because,” “friends with benefits,” and hang out partners are not your dating partners, ladies and gentlemen. A one-sided equation or fake relationship doesn’t count.

Agree or disagree? Let’s hear your take on dating.


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