S. O. S.

life saver  Why is it so difficult to ask for help? Some people don’t because their pride gets in the way.

Some don’t because they want to have all of the glory in saying that they managed all by themselves. Some are just too scared to (for whatever reason that may be). And some may believe that it’s a “giving up” or failure gesture. Whatever your reasoning is behind it is ultimately stubbornness. Everybody needs help every now and then, and some more than others. But if you need it, speak up! Don’t wait until you sink. What if it’s too late then?

Why is it easier to help someone instead of asking for it for yourself? Some people like to give more than they like to receive. Some like to shift the focus off of themselves. And some like the sense of accomplishment or like to feel good afterwards. There’s nothing wrong with selfless acts. In fact, all people should add a lil altruism in their life.

Why is it tit for tat? I can understand how it could be if there was a person asking for assistance ALL the time and never giving. That gets tired real quick. Then when you stop giving, they get mad. Everybody’s gotta do their share. Don’t be that guy or girl who can never do for themselves and want people to do FOR you, or else you will start coming up short!

What about the people who ask for or complain about not receiving any help- but don’t use what they get? What is your purpose, or better yet, what is the point? I hate it when people do this. It’s like they want to test the waters to see if you’ll come through. Please stop wasting people’s time and energy- it’s annoying.

In any type of relationship (friendship, business, kinship, or personal relationship), you should have equal give and take. Asking for and accepting help may be difficult for some, but it’s a part of life. Take a good look at each of your relationships and make sure that you are equally balanced. If not, that will be where most of the stress lies.


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