Tell It

gossiping  If you’re like me, you like to stay to yourself and mind your business. I don’t like nosy people and I especially don’t like to butt into couples’ relationships. You will always have an opinion about someone else’s relationship, but you don’t know the ins and outs of what happens behind closed doors. Your judgment may also be cloudy when it comes to your friends and protecting their feelings and egos.

My question to you would be, what if you saw your friend’s significant other out with someone else- would you tell your friend? Here’s the thing. There are many different variables as to what would happen if you did or did not tell your friend what you saw. Below are some pros and cons. Anything missing?


+ You don’t want to see your friend hurt.

+ You truly believe that it would be better for them to know.

+ You know they don’t deserve to be cheated on because they are a good man/woman.


– What if the person is a family member and not random booty?

– What if you just started up some mess and what you saw wasn’t really them creepin’?

– What if you are friends with both parties and you feel like you have to choose sides? A monkey in the middle type of situation.


= You don’t want to get involved.

Where do you stand?


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