???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  It seems like a couple of forevers ago when we had only house phones. Before cell phones. Before pagers. Before two-ways. We actually had to be at home in order to talk to someone. Cell phones have now been around for well over a decade, therefore, there should be no excuse as to why we shouldn’t be able to work them properly. Are you guilty of being an obnoxious talker? Check out these six ways we break all kinds of phone etiquette rules when we’re on our cell phones.


– We holler in it. Everybody and their mama can hear every word we’re saying. Why are you shouting?


– We feel extra special when we’re on them. Guess what…everybody’s got them, even seven-year-olds. So there’s no need to act like you’re a big shot when you’re on it.


– We don’t silence our phones for shit. Library, wedding, church, graduation don’t mean a thing. Our loud obnoxious ringtones can ring any and everywhere, plus add in the fact that we don’t answer until the fourth ring.


– We talk in cramped quarters. A lot. We don’t care who hears our business. Did you ever stop to think that maybe other people don’t care about what you’ve got going on? We’re forced to listen and it is not appreciated.


– We talk and text on our dates because we’re rude. Nothing more says that I’m not interested in the person you’re sitting across than answering a call over candlelight.


– We talk to other people while we are on the phone with you. Participating in several different conversations is not multitasking, it’s rude. One conversation or the other.


What annoying behavior do you notice or engage in?


2 thoughts on “Hello?

  1. When people give you news through text or Facebook, when it needed to be said in person. For example, nobody should have to find out a love one is dead on Facebook or through text.

    • That’s a good one and I agree 1,000%. And I’m going to take it a step further and throw in the idiots that LIKE the posts that announce when someone has died.

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