Settin’ Us Back

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  More and more people are putting out reality shows. I guess the Real World started us off, but we are left with ish like Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, Hollywood Exes. Damn near anybody can have one now, ranging from hair stylists battling, to chefs, to tattoo artists. Television has become such garbage in the last few years, my options have pretty much shrunk to crime (Criminal Minds, SVU, Snapped), drama (Scandal),and comedy (Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory). No more, no less. But what is the point of all of this?


TV is now filled with people’s personal scandals. How many marriages have shattered after they let the cameras into their private life? How many irrelevant people have become famous because of their rambunctious behavior? What’s it going to take for people to stop coming up with new ways to showcase how stupid ignorant people can look in front of a camera? Some of these people even have the nerve to act an ass when they have children around, like that’s cute. What kind of example are you setting, especially when you’re on one of these shows like Real Housewives, where all they do is throw water in each other’s faces and argue. Damn shame more quality shows aren’t out there anymore.


2 thoughts on “Settin’ Us Back

    • Thank you for your comment and sharing my blog! I had to say something. I’m so sick of seeing dumb stuff on TV, I want to scream! I believe that it’s harmful as well, since nothing good comes out of showing people exhibiting bad behavior.

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