This House

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Moving can be a pain to some and an adventure to others. I would definitely say that it is a chance for a new beginning for various reasons;  a brand new place to make it into your own,  a place to start fresh, and even a place where relationships and families grow. But what really makes a house a home?

+ Love: This should be self explanatory.

+ Mutual respect: Respect for not only your partner, but your children or whoever else lives in the home.

+ Laughter: Laughter oftentimes (or should) means happiness. And of course a happy home is a pleasant and fun place to be.

+ Sharing (I might as well throw caring into the mix): In a home, you share all of the responsibilities. No one person should do all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, etc. A home is a joint effort.

+ Effort: Self explanatory.

+ Keys: Besides the key to the front door, you should have the key to your family’s heart, well being, and overall happiness. With keeping that close to your heart and mind, that helps build the foundation of your home.


What would you add? What makes your house a home?


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