Into Thin Air

???????????????????????????????????????   Some may agree and some may not, and that’s okay. But there are some celebrities out there who just need to go away…for a long time. And when I say “go away,” I don’t mean die. I would never wish death on even my worst enemy. But there are some people who are just flat out annoying (even their presence) and the media hypes them up over the silliest things. For example, there was an article on my number one person who tripped. Seriously?? The public needs a picture and a write up on this?

Anyways, without further ado, here is my top twelve list of celebrities who need to vanish A.S.A.P.

1. Kim Kardashian- Just sick of her!

2. Taylor Swift- She is an immature brat. How many times is she going to publicize her breakups in a song? On top of that, Kanye gave her a severe boost in popularity after he stole her shine years ago. She just needs to go.

3. Drake- I can’t stand his being.

4. Nicki Minaj- I think she annoys herself too.

5. Kanye West- He’s just  an ass. Do I need to get any deeper?

6. Rihanna- She takes off her clothes in an attempt to disguise the fact that she can’t sing. So sad.

7. Justin Bieber- I just don’t like him. He seems bratty and catty.

8. Lindsay Lohan- She serves no purpose.

9. Jennifer Aniston- How long are people going to feel sorry for her and Brad Pitt’s breakup? It was a Hollywood marriage that was doomed long before Angelina entered the picture. Just read any interview they did while they were married.

10. Lil Wayne- Wack.

11. The Whole Kardashian Family- If they burp, they’re in the news. Who cares about any of them, really?

12. Tom Cruise- He’s just weird.


My Friend’s Ex

   Is it right to flirt with a friend’s ex? Or better yet, date? Before I say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’, consider this.

– This type of situation brings up trust issues. Can you trust your friend to stay a friend? Would a true friend really do this?

– You could also wonder if something was going on before the break up or if either party was even looking at each other then. Then your mind would start to think back to all of those times you all were hanging out and you left the room to go to the bathroom or to grab something from the frig.

– If your friend breaks up with your ex, you would be left to wonder if it’ll happen again with your next mate.

– Think about it…would you really want to hear intimate details coming from your friend’s mouth about your ex?

– What is your friend trying to prove? That they can snatch your mate? That they are a better catch than you?

It isn’t always good to kiss and tell unless you truly have a trustworthy friend. I heard a long time ago that if you do too much talking about how great your mate is, people start paying attention to that and might test it out themselves. In my personal opinion, a friend would never betray the trust and loyalty to their friend by dating their ex. I mean who wants sloppy seconds? It would create quite the strain on your friendship, if it remains intact. A true friend knows their boundaries and what’s off limits. So if your “friend” is looking at, flirting with, having sex with, or actually in a relationship with your ex (or even worse, your current mate), you will definitely have to reevaluate your friendship- see if it’s worth saving or if it really was a friendship to begin with.

My Associate

  I sometimes think back to my younger days when Everybody was my friend. You would buy the whole class a little Valentine’s Day card, bring in cupcakes for your friends, throw slumber parties, etc. Those were the days. But it wasn’t until you hit high school (some people took a longer amount of time to figure it out) until you realized who your friends really were. Those same people you were calling best friends in middle school, are ya’ll still cool now? The ones you swore you would forever K.I.T. (Keep In Touch) with, do you? Now I do understand that some people grow out of friendships, but I’m talking about the true friendships that do last.

There is a HUGE difference between Friend and Associate. For those who are confused, let me break it down.

FRIENDS: You can call on until you get on their nerves. You can cry on their shoulder. You can call them at two or even seven in the morning. You will give them your very last. You know what can make them laugh, cry, smile, and frown. You take care of them when or if you need to. You genuinely care and love them.

ASSOCIATES: Only see them when you just happen to run into them. You may call them, but it’s only on holidays. You can’t count on them. You don’t even know their sibling’s name. You don’t know where they live or where they’re from. You don’t care about them.

Once you have finished reading this list, take some time to think about the people in your life. Which category do most of the people around you fit in? What are you to other people? I heard a long time ago that people have about three TRUE friends in their life. Figure out those three and let them know how much you care about them and what they mean to you.

Who Are You?

    Within the last month or two, I have heard different variations of the topic I am going to discuss tonight. Mostly, I’ve heard people talking about mistaking kindness for weakness. But what about the people who take full advantage of a person’s kindness? What type of person would do this without a conscious or a care in the world?

There are some truly genuine people out there, and on the other hand, you have some really spiteful and vindictive people. Why is it that the evil spiteful people try their best to take advantage of others or make it to where they feel that they have the upper hand? Is this to make themselves feel better or to bring you down to their level?  I’ll give you an example. Say for instance a man buys his woman a “just because” gift. She accepts it with open arms (smile and hug included), but talks horribly about her man in the next room to her girlfriend. Not only are you fake, but you’re taking advantage of your man and his sweet gesture.

For the genuine people (for those of us who are left), should we stop being so nice to others or pick and choose who we direct our kindheartedness to? Personally, I don’t believe that I should have to change for anybody. If you want to act like an ass, go right ahead, but don’t involve me. I refuse to change who I am in order to deal with your insecurities. Because what it all boils down to is that people like this (malicious people) have deeper problems and one person is hardly the cause of it. They just take advantage of the opportunity to lash out at people who are harmless.

So my question tonight is this…who are you? Are you genuine or fake? Kind or spiteful? Loving or hateful? Trusting or sneaky? And if you are one of those people that I am talking about, seriously think about your life choices and consider getting some help. There’s only so long that people would want to be stuck around your bitterness, insecurities, and inner shame.