New Beginnings

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  As we have finally reached the new year, you already know what comes with the territory. New Year’s resolutions, including work out goals and a hope to be a better person. What usually follows is the breaking of those resolutions before the close of January. What I propose is something simple- creating a Don’t Bring list. Here are some things you should not bring into the new year if you want a clean slate and a fresh start.

1. Debt- I’m not talking 10Gs in student loans. I’m talking about paying off credit card bills, medical bills, or anything under a grand. Handle that. Whether you set up a payment plan or something. Don’t carry old bills or overdue bills into the new year.

2. Men’s Skinny Jeans- Granted, these shouldn’t have even been made in the first place, but they definitely should not be brought back this year for an encore.

3. Negativity from 2014- Why are you still carrying this baggage? Let it go. If you haven’t dealt with it before, why continue to hang on to it now?

4. Frenemies- Why continue to play nice or pretend to like someone you clearly do not? That just creates negativity, unnecessary drama, and clutter. Stop it and move on.

5. The phrase “turnt up” or any variation- This phase sickens me and needs to be put down for good. Please don’t let it seep into 2015!

6. Using children as pawns- Whether it’s to get back at or with someone, or to punish the child. Let us not forget that children are gifts and were not asked to be created. This past year, so many children made the news because their parent(s) left them unattended in the car, burned them, mutilated them, and so on for whatever so-called reason. These “parents” should’ve considered preventing pregnancy if they were going to ultimately hurt their child(ren). Let’s let 2015 be the year of loving our children or simply not having them if you think you’ll abuse them.

I wish you nothing but the best and truly believe that this is YOUR year. Take care of yourself and your family. Much love and many blessings for 2015!


Just Don’t Do It

mess  A couple of years ago I blogged about not leaving the house wearing certain things. Since I’m seeing more and more craziness as the weather gets warmer, this bears repeating.


– Pajamas: These are meant for the bed. I don’t understand why this is so hard to understand. How bout this– if you leave the house with the same pajamas on that you wore last night, all that tells me is that you didn’t bathe before you left house and you don’t care who knows.


– Slippers: Do I even need to explain?


– Shower caps/ doo rags/ bonnets: All of these serve the purpose of the privacy of your own home.


– Beaters: Beaters are fine to wear under things, but as your only shirt…. not attractive, even if you have muscles.


– Ity Bity Shorts: If I mistake your shorts for draws, you shouldn’t wear them out.


– Cowboy boots and shorts: Or cowboy boots in the summer period. Put them damn things up. For good.


What did I miss?

Feels So Good

peace  Not everybody can afford to go on vacation every time they feel stressed. Can you imagine living life without a care or worry in the world? That would be the day. Here’s a list of twenty things that can make a person feel pretty damn good.

+ A warm blanket

+ Watching your favorite movie

+ Pay day

+ Being with family and friends

+ Being at peace

+ The beach

+ Laughing

+ Going to sleep after a long day

+ A massage

+ A sincere compliment or thank you

+ Shopping

+ A new outfit

+ Being able to pay your bills

+ The first bite into Cheescake Factory cheesecake

+ Walking on the beach with no shoes on

+ A promotion or recognition of your hard work

+ Food to die for

+ A great drink

+ Finishing a good book

+ A passionate kiss

What would you add?

Wait…here’s a bonus…a hug from someone special or someone you haven’t seen in a while:) Have a great end of the week!

Please Stay Home

After spending some time at the mall last week, I am very disappointed to have spotted many fashion no-no’s.  Now granted, I am not saying that I am better than or have never sported a no-no, but I would definitely say that I don’t do any of these. So if you wear any of the listed no-no’s, please stay home.

+ Pajamas: Ladies and gentlemen {sigh}, PJs are meant for the bedroom and are not appropriate for the mall, the grocery store, the bank, or anywhere outside of the house.

+ Sagging: I don’t care if your jeans are baggy, but if I can see any part of your draws, we have a problem. Last week, my boyfriend and I were walking behind these three teenagers; one, his pants were acceptable (baggy, not saggy), but the other two… let’s just say that half of both cheeks for each were highly visible. So in this case, get a belt or stay your behind home!

+ Male Skinny Jeans: Men, please listen very closely. Okay, you ready? SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT FOR YOU! THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND AND THEY ARE NOT SEXY ON YOU! I don’t think you should stay home, but you should definitely not leave the store with them in your hand. Fair enough?

+ Princess Outfit: Parents who truly love their daughters think of them as princesses (at least when they are little). However, that does not give you the right to have them dress as such in public places (unless they are performing somewhere), especially when you pair the tutu with cowboy boots. Both you and the child should stay home until you choose a more appropriate outfit. This is not as cute as you may think.

+ Shorts: There’s nothing wrong with shorts… except when it’s below sixty degrees. Let there be a day that is thirty degrees and the next day be thirty-two, I guarantee that you will see at least one idiot that’s sporting shorts and a sweatshirt. Stay home and think about making a better choice.

So what did you learn today… just because it’s in style, doesn’t mean you have to participate.