Computer Love

???????????????????????????????????????   Everything nowadays is on the internet. Job applications, shopping, even finding love. When online dating first appeared, it was taboo. People viewed these daters as “desperate” and “losers” (including myself, I’ll admit), because they weren’t going out and meeting people the ‘traditional’ way. Fast forward to 2013, where you have Match, eHarmony, and Black People Meet taking over much of TV’s air time. There are a ton of sites out there who are promoting the same thing- finding your perfect match- so I have created a short list of the pros and cons for this type of dating.


+ Easily accessible (if you have a computer in the privacy of your own home). Very convenient. You can chat, look at profiles, or send emails whenever you feel like it.

+ Modern. As I stated before, it’s kind of the in-thing and not as taboo as it was years ago. You get to know a person first before attempting a first date.

+ An easy way to meet others. Especially if you don’t get out much, other than to work or get groceries.

+ You choose who you communicate with. If an ugly, eighty-year-old man with ten kids tries to flirt with you by sending flirts or emails, you can block them or just not respond. You have the power to connect, or in this case, disconnect, further contact.

+ You can read between the lines. Literally and figuratively. If you’ve been in the dating game for a  while, you should be able to pick up on someone just telling you what they think you want to hear or basically read through their BS.

+ Find love. What do you know? It’s possible that with the click of a mouse, you could find the love of your life or even someone who could make you happy.


– Crazies. You can screen who you talk to, for example, if you’re looking for an African-American male who is tall and wants kids, you can find just that, but you there’s no button you can press to screen out crazy people. Unfortunately, these are the people who you are just going to have to read into, trust your gut, and definitely not meet in person. Block these people before anything gets out of hand. One way to combat this is to simply Google the person or perform some type of background check (especially if you want to meet up- before you find out their ‘real’ story, of course).

– Safety. Whether meeting in person or online, you have to be careful. Always let somebody know where you are going and who you are going with. Even write it down and leave the name and address at you house- just in case.  Drive separately and don’t let the other person know where you live too early. But these tips are for ANY type of dating.

– Liars. You are going to encounter this in any type of dating situation. Like I said, you’ve gotta learn how to read between the lines. Ask specific questions and Google- those are your best bets.

– Scammers. There are also scam artists on there. Surprise surprise. I’ve heard that some females say they are from another country and try to con men out of sending them money so that they can relocate to the United States. Ain’t that crazy? In this day and age, you know that we can’t have anything that is totally positive and scam free. There is always someone somewhere with nothing else to do but prey on the innocent.

Date around. Have fun. Be safe.