Creative Luv

v day  Trying to come up with some different things to do with your family on Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas that you can use with your family and some as a couple. Enjoy:)

Arts & Crafts

+ Homemade cards- A great way to say exactly how you feel.

+ Homemade gifts- Homemade gifts are sometimes the best. It shows that you put much effort and thought into what you’re making. For example, a  jewelry box- take a wooden box and decorate it with paint, glitter, rhinestones, etc.

+ Picture collage- Choose some of your favorite pictures of your family, friends, neighbors (or whoever you treasure) and make a collage- instagram doesn’t count!


+ Bingo- Make your own bingo card or download one (I’m sure you don’t have to reinvent the wheel) that has Valentine’s Day items on there.

+ Hug tag- Tag with a twist. Play regular tag, using the same rules, except instead of tagging people, hug them. Or you can switch it up and kiss. Please don’t kiss people on the lips. You don’t know where everybody’s been. The cheek works wonders too.

+ Scavenger hunt- This requires much planning time, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it and fun too (if Peter Griffin can put one together, I’m SURE you can too)!

After Dark

+ Dice game- You know what I’m talking about. Roll those dice and see what you get to kiss, lick, massage, or whatever!

+ Massage- This is not the time to use lotion. Whip out those smell good oils and rub your partner down.

+ Use food- This is definitely the night to turn your partner into a sundae and eat it off of them;)


+ Love letter/notes- Kind of like a card, but better. Leave your significant other a nice love note somewhere where they can find it that truly expresses the way you feel. If you’re really creative, stick a poem in that you wrote.

+ Kissing booth- Set up a place in the house where you can give out kisses for pennies, a cookie, or whatever “toll” you want to enforce.

+ Cook together- This is a great way to bond and plenty of time to communicate with your partner and/or children.

+ Candlelight dinner- Once you finish cooking, light some candles and enjoy each other’s company with no TV, no kids, and no distractions.


The Good Good

lips  Awe yeah! This is how we’re starting off the new year. SEX…LOVE…LOVING SEX…LOVING LOVE. Is there a difference between making love and sex? YES! Some prefer the quick and dirty. Others prefer to take their time and do it right. What does it depend on? The person? The timing? The place? All the above or none of the above?

Here are a few of the differences between making love and having sex.

1). Sex: You can have it with anyone; making love= it’s with someone special.

2). Sex: Can be meaningless; making love= meaningful.

3). Sex: Affects you physically; making love= affects you emotionally, physically, and perhaps even musically and spiritually.

4). Sex: Can be forgettable; making love= unforgettable.

5). Sex: Oftentimes without feeling; making love= intensely emotional.

6). Sex: Sometimes hurried; making love= you take your time.

7). Sex: There’s no time for passion; making love= you please every inch of your partner.

8). Making love= Long lasting foreplay; sex: kissing is the foreplay.

9). Making love= The goal is to please; sex: the goal is to get in and get out.

10). Making love= Sends a tingling feeling down your spine; sex: leaves you feeling like…when’s a good time to leave?

Don’t get me wrong, you can also have sex with a special person too. You can probably tell my preference between the two, but let me hear yours. Which do you prefer and why?

Not Like That

cartoons kissing photo: KISSING SMURFS thSmurfs.jpg  Teenage years, maybe. But when you’re in you’re late twenties and up, you should’ve had plenty of practice and should know how to kiss. Part of the art of seduction is knowing how to kiss (and where to kiss…but that’s whole ‘nother topic). Here are some of the worst kissing errors a person could make. If your actions have made the list… Stop it!

– Around your mouth and even your chin is wet: Why couldn’t you find my lips? What does my chin have to do with it?

– Each kiss is a small dry peck: What’s the point?

– You lick faces: Umm… this is not a kiss and I need a shower after.

– Your tongue just lays there: Nobody’s tongue should be camping out in my mouth. You must have a purpose.

– (On the flip side) Your tongue is overactive: Calm down. Kissing is no longer pleasing or sexy if you feel like this is a race.

– Eyes wide open: That is just creepy and so not sexy. Close your eyes. I shouldn’t feel your stare.

Any kissing horror stories that you can add?

Top Eight Cheap Dates

pennies  With the economy the way that it is, you can’t go on shopping sprees, eat out every other day, and keep up with the Joneses like you may want to. Money is tight, I get it. But there’s no reason for you to not have fun. So if you are trying to save a little money but still want to go out (or not) and enjoy yourself with your sweetie, there are some things you can do without breaking the bank.

1. Movie night: Whether it be Netflix, downloading a movie, or even finding one on cable, there is plenty to watch and plenty of cuddle time during the movie.

2. Picnic: This romantic gesture is sweet, as long as it’s not worn out.

3. Festival: Summer, Spring, and Fall are the best months (of course), because not only do you get out and about, but you also get some exercise to go along with your fun.

4. Walk: The majority of problems couples face stems from communication. Here is a great way to have some alone time with no distractions- no phones, no TV, just you and your sweetheart.

5. Candlelight dinner or BBQ: Cooking together is a cool way to bond and grow closer. You get to know what each other likes, experiment, and of course spend that one-on-one time.

6. Bowling: Step up the bowling experience with a little wager; for instance, whomever wins gets a massage.

7. Drive-in: Get a two for one movie deal, cuddle in the car, and get comfortable with the snacks you would’ve snuck into the movie theater anyways.

8. Game night: Pick some of your favorite games and play together. If you’re feeling more social, invite another couple or two over.

What would you add?

Things That Make You Say Awe

love2  Nowadays, many relationships are based on trickery. Somebody’s looking for an ulterior motive such as sex, money, or simply using the other person for any type of gain. Some of us have been played so hard that you question every single nice word or kind gesture for fear of more game playing or just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On the other hand, there are some men and women who are truly mature and know what they’re looking for, so they decide not to play games, but rather state how they really feel about the person they care about. Here are some of the most loving things that you could say to your other half (not in any particular order). *These are only considered sweet and genuine when they are spoken from the heart.

1. I love you.

2. I appreciate you.

3. I support you.

4. You turn me on.

5. I can’t wait to… see you, hold you, kiss you, or any other similar variation.

6. “We” and “us” (instead of “I”)

7. We’re in this together.

8. You make me smile.

9. You are gorgeous or sexy.

10. You are my best friend.

11. I can’t stand being without you.

12. I miss you.

Do you have any that you could add to the list?

Reader Appreciation

  I’d like to take this time to recognize and send a quick thank you to my readers and faithful followers. I appreciate your support. And as part of my appreciation, I would like to hold a Reader’s Choice Poll. You will get to choose the topic for my September blogs. I will center my blogs for the month around the topic of your choice. So please cast your vote before Saturday, September 1st! Thank you in advance:)

Body Over Mind

On the way home tonight, I was listening to a song that I really like by Jill Scott called “So Gone”. The chorus says, “Why does my body ignore what my mind says?” and that got me thinking. Interesting question, Ms. Scott.

If I were Sigmund Freud, I would easily respond by saying that ‘Your id is acting up.’ “Id”, according to Freud, is the unconscious process that we all have as children, or preferable infants. It’s all about seeking pleasure- not now, but right now. So like in the song, you end up in bed with a person you have no business with; you turned the volume off on your mind and decided to give in to the pleasure principle and use your body.

If I were R. Kelly, I would just as easily tell you that ‘I don’t see nothing wrong’ (you know the rest).

But let’s get back to the original question. Why do people mute their superego (their conscience) and go with what they know they shouldn’t? Do some people not have a conscience? Believe that they’ll figure it out later? Make up a lame excuse for their actions to downplay what they’ve done (for example, ‘I needed a stress reliever anyways.’)? Or do some people just not have the self-control? And on the flip side, are there times where we should mute our conscience?

What is your opinion?

Disclaimer: I will not be answering this question, but more so looking for other’s answers and viewpoints. Also, sorry for the psychology lesson;)