Single N’ Shy

bouquet  Being single definitely has its perks. No one to answer to or check in with. Go out and go home whenever you feel like it. Roll over every inch of the bed without someone being there. However, there are some benefits to being attached, especially those times when you are single…shy…and going to a wedding.

Below are the top three reasons single ladies hate going to weddings. {Disclaimer: This does not pertain to the newly single women who are celebrating their freedom or the too busy to care about dating women.}

#3. No dance partner… When you are shy like me, you aren’t going up to any man to ask him to dance. On the other hand, you realize that you are at risk for getting asked by the ugly drunk cousin across the room. So, find a friend and stick to them like glue.

#2. The invitation alone… Now you feel obligated to search high and low for someone to accompany you. Do I invite the guy I’m casually dating? I have NO ONE who is wedding worthy! Nobody says that you have to go with a date. Family is not off limits (unless they can’t hold their liquor…then they just ruined the party and you are now associated with the party killer).

#1. The bouquet toss… This was the worst. For years I was literally dragged out into the middle of the floor to catch somebody’s stupid bouquet. I hated it. Now everybody and their mama knows you’re single. So what should you do instead…either grin and bear it because you LOVE the bride, or have a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Whichever one you choose, make sure you choose wisely (and don’t blame me if you make the wrong choice;)