Creative Luv

v day  Trying to come up with some different things to do with your family on Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas that you can use with your family and some as a couple. Enjoy:)

Arts & Crafts

+ Homemade cards- A great way to say exactly how you feel.

+ Homemade gifts- Homemade gifts are sometimes the best. It shows that you put much effort and thought into what you’re making. For example, a  jewelry box- take a wooden box and decorate it with paint, glitter, rhinestones, etc.

+ Picture collage- Choose some of your favorite pictures of your family, friends, neighbors (or whoever you treasure) and make a collage- instagram doesn’t count!


+ Bingo- Make your own bingo card or download one (I’m sure you don’t have to reinvent the wheel) that has Valentine’s Day items on there.

+ Hug tag- Tag with a twist. Play regular tag, using the same rules, except instead of tagging people, hug them. Or you can switch it up and kiss. Please don’t kiss people on the lips. You don’t know where everybody’s been. The cheek works wonders too.

+ Scavenger hunt- This requires much planning time, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it and fun too (if Peter Griffin can put one together, I’m SURE you can too)!

After Dark

+ Dice game- You know what I’m talking about. Roll those dice and see what you get to kiss, lick, massage, or whatever!

+ Massage- This is not the time to use lotion. Whip out those smell good oils and rub your partner down.

+ Use food- This is definitely the night to turn your partner into a sundae and eat it off of them;)


+ Love letter/notes- Kind of like a card, but better. Leave your significant other a nice love note somewhere where they can find it that truly expresses the way you feel. If you’re really creative, stick a poem in that you wrote.

+ Kissing booth- Set up a place in the house where you can give out kisses for pennies, a cookie, or whatever “toll” you want to enforce.

+ Cook together- This is a great way to bond and plenty of time to communicate with your partner and/or children.

+ Candlelight dinner- Once you finish cooking, light some candles and enjoy each other’s company with no TV, no kids, and no distractions.


Light My Fire

   What is romance? How important is it? Romance is the expression of love and one’s deepest desire to connect with another. I believe this to be a fifty-fifty split between actions and emotions. Sure we all know how romantic a bubble bath with rose petals floating in the water is romantic, but the art of romance stems from a person’s inner being or feelings. You have to have the thought behind the action. For example, my Valentine’s blog (“How to Avoid Sleeping on the Couch Valentine’s Day Night”) offered some suggestions on gifts to give the special woman in your life. There’s a huge difference between coming in the house and saying, “Here” and throwing a box of chocolates in your direction, versus setting up a treasure hunt with love messages and a piece of chocolate at every stop. Thought + Effort= Romance= A Happy Couple You get my drift.

Romance is extremely important and a vital way to keep a relationship alive. Without it is like a fish out of water; suffocating and a part of both of you are dying slowly. It is spontaneous. It is special. It is a golden moment that you both can cherish and have that conversation years later saying, “Remember when we/you… “. Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, you did something to attract the attention of your mate and to keep them interested long enough to be in a committed, loving relationship, so why not keep that going? Why wait til Valentine’s Day to give your woman something special? Why wait til Father’s Day to let your man know that he’s a great father? We all know that relationships are hard work and require a lot of maintenance to keep it fresh, so why not brush up on your intimacy skills right now.

– Hold a conversation about your personal goals, hopes, aspirations, dreams, and future together as a couple.

– Draw a bath for your mate.

– Slow dance.

– Make out (Yeah, I said it. Kissing is very passionate and also just as important in a relationship. And I’m not talking about “grandma” pecks!).

– Touch.

– Feed each other.

– Use candles.

– Eat dinner minus the television.

– Cuddle.

– Give hugs and hold each other.

Remember that what you put in to a relationship is the same as what you will get out of it, and that relationships are all about give and take. What are some of your ideas? How do you keep your relationship alive and kickin’?

How to Avoid Sleeping on the Couch Valentine’s Day Night

Obviously, this post is particularly for the fellas. Let me let you in on a little secret. Valentine’s Day to a single woman is like a mother with a crying child on a plane; she avoids it and pretends that that it doesn’t exist. On the other hand, to a woman who is not single (dating, in a relationship, or married), it means just as much as a birthday. This is the day to show how romantic you are, show how much you care, and how much she means to you. So if you put little thought into what you “reward” her with on V Day, don’t expect a warm embrace from her. Just saying- don’t shoot the messenger.

So, what are some good things to do or give on this special day you ask? Well, I can give you a couple ideas. Please keep in mind that they are not in any type of order.

  Jewelry (you shouldn’t be surprised about this making the list). Any type will do as long as it doesn’t look cheap, used, or, of course, ugly.

  A nice hot oil massage for her back and feet.

  A home cooked candlelight meal (that you made, please don’t let her cook her own meal). And don’t forget the dessert:)

  An original poem or song that you made and framed.

  Candy- this does not mean stop at the nearest gas station and pick up a Snickers bar. But something with some thought behind it. Something upscale. Or even her favorite.

  An outfit you want her to wear for Valentine’s Day. It could be a hot lil number for dinner or after dinner.

  Take a trip.

  Personalize This- you could engrave anything from a watch, to a photo album, to a jewelry box. And they are not as expensive as you think.

  A gift basket- there are tons out there that include cookies, candy, brownies, fruit, or a combination.

  And when all else fails, some nice smell goods from Bath and Body Works.

If you noticed, cards and flowers did not make the cut, because they are simply unacceptable when given, especially alone. What “successful” gifts have you given that you can add to the list?