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All in a Name

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  A few weeks ago, D.L. Hughley posed a question to his radio audience about children’s names in relation to them being able to get a job. Back when I was growing up, we had the La, Na, and Ta names. Nowadays, that seems so amateur. Children’s names have some kind of apostrophe or dash somewhere, not to mention extra letters to make the name seem cute. Original? Unique? Guess what… it’s not. Having children not being able to spell their own name until they are seven years old is not attractive, neither is having names that don’t phonetically make sense. What’s next, the use of ! and *??

Are parents setting their children up for failure? Absolutely. Do I believe that they do it on purpose? Not really. But think about it. What boss wants to get handed a resume with a name like Quiwanna or Seantavious on it? How about a teacher calling on a new student with the name Ajoyishallbe or Apple (and no, celebrities aren’t off the hook on this one)? You think they won’t get picked on in school? You think they are destined to be the next CEO in a Fortune 500 company? Please welcome, President Chip Dip Jones! Not happening.

Is it possible to be unique without being ridiculous? Yes, so please give your child a chance. All kids are special. They just don’t need to stick out for the wrong reason.

What interesting names have you encountered?



   You hear the phrase “Life is too short” all the time, but I don’t necessarily agree with that. What I do agree with is that “Time flies by”. Meaning, time moves very quickly, but definitely not to the extent that you can’t tell, or more importantly, show a person that you care about them. Like I stated in a previous blog around the Christmas holidays, you should not wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to tell a person how thankful you are to have them in your life.

These two poems that I’m posting today are about two of the most important people in my life because I want them to know how much I truly love them.



You are strong and dedicated.

You love what you do and who you have become.

You are a firm believer that hard work pays off,

and rest is barely ever welcomed.

You do what it takes to get the job done; not right,

but perfect.

You love being needed and wanted, and especially

being around those who love you.

And what do I love the most about my Superman?

You are like no other.

I love you Dad.


             The Rock

Your amount of strength speaks volumes.

Devoted and dependable are only some of the

words that best describe you.

You are always there to listen, talk to, laugh,

and to simply be there.

Your pain is my pain and vice versa.

You underestimate your worth at times.

No other mother could compare to you.

You are the best mother and friend anybody

could ever wish for.

I love you Mom.


If you have some parents (not sperm or egg donors, TRUE parents) who mean the world to you like mine do, please make sure that you tell them how much you appreciate and love them more often than not. They of all people should never wonder.