False Advertisements

  Now everyone has heard the phrase, “It’s too good to be true.” Well, believe it. In this day and age, people have upped their game in perpping and get upset when they are called out about it. Let me describe two different subjects with the same type of deception: advertising for events and dating.


Whether you get emails about the latest party, meet and greet, networking type of event or simply receive a flyer, for the most part, if the ad was done correctly, then the event looks very enticing, right? True. However, if it is like any of the networking events I’ve been to within the last year or so, let me just say, I want my money, time, and energy back. You spent all that time and money into the flyers that you forgot to live up to your ad? Let me give you an example. For instance, you have a business affair on a college campus. Okay, cool. What’s not cool is the fact that you have one small pitiful sign up in the parking lot, but none showing your guests where to find the building that is hosting the event nor a host/hostess for that matter. And don’t even bother asking about the décor. Those attending had to fend for themselves as far as finding out where to go.  The actual workshops and information given were excellent for the twenty of us that showed up for the free event. Another example, if you have your gala in a four or five star hotel, I expect quality. Wouldn’t you? But instead, I see folks anywhere from classy, to ballroom, to straight off the beach, to hood rat, to pimps and prostitutes. Where did they go wrong here? You might want to assert a dress code. Throw in a couple of examples of do’s and don’ts. Maybe a couple of pictures for all the visual learners. I say all this to say, be real about what you’re advertising. Don’t hype something up and you can’t deliver.


Whether you meet someone in person at a local coffee shop, online, or through a mutual friend many times people are not what they seem. It seems like more and more there is some sort of catch. I will give you two scenarios. You meet a guy online that has some very nice pictures, great smile, has a degree, no kids, etc. etc. You agree to meet up to see if he really is a match and you ask a simple question like, “What do you do” and your answer is, “Well right now I sell weed and,”- wait, what?? Or you look someone up on their Facebook page and it says that they have kids and when you ask them about it and they deny it saying, “That’s my sister’s son” even though it says ‘daddy’ underneath the picture. WTF?? Do us all a favor and just be real with yourself and others. If you have children, get out of denial and admit it. If you didn’t graduate from high school, quit saying that you went to Morehouse. If you are over twenty-one and still selling, either kill yourself or get a real job. Life would be so much easier and less drama-filled if you were more honest.

So what did you learn today…keep it real in all aspects of life whether for business or for pleasure.